Attack on Titan: Season 2

Attack on Titan Season 2 is now closer than ever. However, some fans might be disappointed to hear that the second season of the anime will not be following the storyline of the manga as expected.

The plot in the second season will center around a new titan, larger than the colossal and will display human intelligence. Though this is mostly theorized, it is possible that the new titan will be a shifter.

In the ITech report, it is stated that the second season will be a mixture of the manga’s storyline and that of the writers and producers own content. It seems likely that this would happen as other animes in the past have done the same and strayed slightly from the original content.

Overall, there still isn’t much we know about the storyline but be aware for SPOILERS ahead.

In a report by the International Business Times, the second season will reveal the identity of the Colossal Titan–though those who have read the Manga are already aware of this. It is also stated that the Survey Corps Leader Hange Zoe will discover more about the origin of the Wall and that it was build with a titan inside.

It is possible that we will finally get a glimpse on the origin of the Titans, or at least on their relationship to the humans. It has already been revealed in Season 1 that Titans can talk, or at least one did in this famous clip.

The most common theory is that these Titans are merely humans trapped inside these giant monstrous beings. Due to the fact that the only weakness for a titan is the nape of the neck, much like how Eren Yeager’s body is located on the neck of his Titan during transformation.

What do you think is the origin of the titans?


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