4 Things Writers Don’t Want Fans To Know

Television can consume a person’s life–it is hard not to fall in love with characters like Arya Stark (Game of Thrones), the Doctor (Doctor Who), and Cameron and Mitch (Modern Family). However, Executive Producers, if they play their cards right, can double their fandoms by night. It is no secret that a good show can gain a steady audience and even an obsessed one.

I myself have waited weeks for a trailer for a TV show or film to come out. When it does fans scream, cry, and usually bite their lips with confusing and excitement. However, how much information do writers give? Are teaser trailers worth anything? Should “leaked” pictures be taken seriously?

Here are 4 things writers DO NOT want their fans to know.

4. Don’t Take Interviews Seriously.

People often make the mistake of raging at a writer, actor, or character after an interview. Rule one, Comic Con panels reveal nothing. Writers and the cast are under a strict “don’t tell” policy. Writers are masters of manipulation–yes, it’s true. As a writer I have teased many of my readers about a character’s death or implied something when in reality I implied nothing. Vagueness creates curiosity which is what a TV show producer wants.

3. Pictures Are Out of Context

If a writer releases photos or a “script tease” don’t make a big deal about it. Writers like to call the period between seasons “withdrawal” for a reason. A dedicated audience member, who is dying to know what happens next have their imagination on over drive. Usually, the photos or teases are vague enough to make fans interested. Again with the vagueness, yup it is all about being mysterious. Whatever seems to be happening in a picture or photo is probably not the case. During the Doctor Who 2013 Christmas special a whole theory and rumor rolled its way through the web that the 11th Doctor would loose a leg. It caused such an uproar and constant theories which were all based on a picture of Matt Smith using a cane on set. In the end this was far from the truth; never over think anything because it is usually never that complicated. If the writer is doing his job correctly and setting up a plot the next chapter should not be a shocker.

2. Stay Away From Rumors

If you have every played the game telephone, one should know to stay away from the press when it comes to the future of a favorite character. In reality, the news hardly knows anything about what is going to happen. Their job is to keep fans addicted to their fandoms and get views on their site. Rumors are usually not true and instead audience members will explode for no reason. Instead, be patient and wait for the whole story to unfold.

1. Fans Write the Story Not the Author

One of the biggest secrets in the entertainment business, is that writers are controlled by their fans. In the end it is the audience who makes decisions concerning characters. Unlike literature, TV dramas are linked with social media and rely on viewers. An author of a book has the liberty of writing for a target audience but is not as involved with their audience as an Executive Producer is. Fan service is real and in the end writers need to please their eager audience. With that said their is nothing wrong with expressing devotion to a ship, otp, or character if done correctly and professionally. Writers are looking at what fans like and what they disapprove of even if they never admit it.


Being apart of a fandom is amazing. There is a reason why entertainment is called entertainment, however one should also learn not to be easily manipulated by the writer. As an active audience member one should always be thinking one step ahead.

Here are some of the latest trailers for upcoming shows.



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