Once Upon a Time: Season 4B

Once Upon a Time returns March 1st making fans uneasy and excited for the next chapter. With the release of the new teaser trailer it is clear that the show will be exploring the ideas of destiny, forgiveness, and the concept of corruption. But, what exactly does the plot have in store for our favorite characters? Here are four areas I hope are explored this season.

1. Relationships

It is clear that Once Upon a Time is a show that is fueled by dedicated shippers, so it is a given to expect the writers to explore the main relationships between couples. Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin and Belle are one of the obvious pairs that will be dealing with recent events. However, Hook and Emma will probably be pushed to their breaking point. Is their love true? I hope the writers spend time this season developing Captain Swan more.

In respect to relationships, personally I am hoping that the show will go back to its roots and focus on how the characters interact with one another. One of my favorite relationships is that of Rumple and Regina who share a complicated past. The dynamic between characters is what makes a show entertaining and addicting.

2. Magic

The writers have created a world based on magic since the pilot episode. Emma, Regina, Gold, Maleficent, and Ursula all have magical abilities which changes the rules of the game. Even though magic is an important element in the Once universe it is hardly explored or explained. There are still several rules of magic that have not been clarified. For example, is magic inherited or obtained through blood and or curse?

Furthermore, magic should play a large role in this season. The show should venture deeper into the laws of magic and what exactly separates light and dark magic. Finally, I would love to see more wizard duels and magic that is slightly less “the force” and instead magic that comes with an actual spell or related to elements.

3. Evil and Good

No one is all evil or all good, if a character was fully one or the other he or she would be boring and not relatable. The teaser lifted my spirits by hinting at a possible subplot involving Emma’s slipping into the dark side. I doubt that the character will actually join the villains or at least become evil, but I do think that Emma will become confused. People do not simply decide to jump into the shadows, if Once Upon a Time has proven anything it is that villains are forged.

All the villains have interesting pasts which lead up to their current mind sets, but each villain has had a moment in which light manages to creep out of their hearts. Even the Dark One/Rumple is not fully evil, he does struggle between two sides–Regina has been fighting her inner demons for awhile now along with Hook. There is no question that villains can push back their dark nature, but Regina did pose a good argument. Is doing good for redemption purposes good at all? Likewise, how long can a hero contain his inner devil?

4. Less Cheese

Sorry, but there were several moments last season that I just rolled my eyes at the screen. Bad acting is one thing but to join it together with a cliche ending is another. There were several scenes in the first half of Season 4 that, as a writer, I frowned upon. The Snow Queen’s dialogue and story was corny, and overused which is a bummer seeing that the whole point of Once Upon a Time is to reinvent or retell classic stories. I also found Will Scarlet useless in the plot and annoying.

It has been three seasons already, and the writers need to come up with new ways to keep audience members interested. By this point almost every main character is related, which shows how pathetic the writers are. There are several different ways to create a deep connection between characters then simply adding a blood line link.

Overall, I have high hopes for this season and the teaser seems to be promising.


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