Reign: “Gateway” Review

Queen Mary has gone through a lot these past seasons–she had to deal with assassins trying to kill her and now the invasion of the religious wars in France. However, Mary has proven to be a strong protagonist ready to stand up and defend what she believes in.

In “Gateway”, it has been a few days or maybe weeks since the last episode. Mary has been trying to move on from her traumatic experience by pushing herself away from Francis in order to cope. The situation of France, with the rising of the protestant movement, has still continued even though much of the clash has been silent. With the Catholics tight grip on power, King Francis has no choice but to allow for them to stay as his challenging of the Cardinal’s rule would defy the Pope.

Meanwhile, the Cardinal sets his eye on a mark which has been spreading throughout the capital. The men responsible, dressed in black robes, seem to be marking people with a strange symbol. One of these so called “marked” people is Conde. As the Cardinal declares a ruling that all with the mark should be questioned and basically eliminated Queen Mary is forced to take matters in her own hands.

This episode captured the inner strength of Mary and foreshadowed her relationship with Conde. Last episode ended with Mary reading the letter from Conde–a letter that declared his love for her. Overall, the episode was well written and the timing flowed. The hallucinations between Catherine and Henry were indications of Catherine’s mental and emotional state. However, why now? Is it simply guilt that is tormenting her or is she loosing her mind? The ghost twins are the strongest indication that the show is playing with supernatural elements, but how far will the series explore witch craft and spirits?

In the end, the episode was thrilling and did answer many questions that were left off. I was glad that the writers did not kill Princess Claude off, there seems to be more to her story and reason for coming back to the castle that should be explored. Also, why is Catherine so concerned about avenging her twin daughters now?


The episode did capture and entertain–there are still several questions that need to be answered. For one, what about Lord Narcisse will he entered the main cast again as a regular or will Francis only use him as a plot device at the end? Will Mary and Francis rekindle their romance or did Mary truly mean what she said about separate lives? Overall, the series has progressed and become better in its writing and introduction of characters.

Grade: B-

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