Arrow: “Left Behind” Review

Arrow is back. Season 3 has been, one of the best seasons of Arrow thus far. In the Mid-Season final Ra’s al Ghul plunged his sword right into Oliver’s chest. However, Oliver’s reputation of “resurrection” proceeds him.

“Left Behind” begins three days since Oliver’s duel with the Demon Head. Team Arrow has been trying their best to keep the city under control without their leader. Starling’s criminal rate never seems to take a break as a new villain comes into town.

The episode started out on the slow side, as audience members were more interested in seeing Oliver’s resurrection than how Team Arrow was doing. However, the episode sped up and began to flow a few minutes after the exposition. It was nice to see Diggle and Roy’s relationship and how it has grown through the course of the show. The two’s dynamic was pleasing to watch and they clearly work well together which is a bonus seeing that Oliver is not their to give them directions.

Another element that I liked from the episode was Felicity and Laurel’s invisible conversation. Between the two, they seemed to have an unspoken connection when it came to coping with Oliver’s death. It was nice to see Laurel and Felicity actually bond, even if it was only for a few seconds. I admired how the director and actress handled Felicity’s emotional and mental state. Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) captured the layered and confused state one is placed in when hearing about a loved one’s death. Her performance in the episode was one of the best.

The ending, though, with the reveal of the Black Canary was far more exciting than the scene revealing how Oliver Queen was brought back to life. I think every fan knew that there was no way the writers would actually kill off Oliver. However, as a Green Arrow fan I had been waiting for the Black Canary. It will be interesting to see how Laurel copes with this new responsibility and how far she will take her idea of “justice”. The first half of Season 3 really seemed to direct and build up to Laurel’s transformation so it was well executed and worth the wait.


Overall, the episode was interesting and kept me, as an audience member, “glued” to the screen. There were a few montages that I felt were too short and choppy in the middle of the episode. As a whole, the episode does stand on its own. For an opening it did catch attention and left enough clues and questions to keep audience intrigued.




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