Doctor Who: Clara’s Ending

What’s next for the impossible girl? With the 2014 Christmas Special now over and fans awaiting for Series 9, there are several new questions that are being asked. For one, how long is Clara going to be aboard the Tardis? What will her departure be? And who exactly is Clara–is she even more important than fans think she is?

Series 8

Last season of Doctor who not only introduced a new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, but it also presented a new dynamic between the main characters. Clara Oswald was now an established English teacher and the Doctor was, well, still traveling through time and space. It is hard to ignore the character development of Clara Oswald during Season 8 of Doctor Who. When we last saw her in Season 7 she was still full of adventure, she was responsible but she did not have that much on her plate, and she wasn’t running away with Doctor like the past companions.

Clara Oswald had a life she could manage. She took care of two kids and would go visit strange planets during 7-8 pm Wednesday nights. Now, fast forward to Season 8 where Clara is now a full time teacher with a boyfriend. The Clara from season 7 would have never allowed for her life to become so busy and messy. Yet, Clara did not want to leave the Doctor or her “normal” everyday life.tumblr_ndnwpuSWYC1rn5h3po1_1280

The transformation of Clara during this past season allowed for more depth into her character. She was now defined as more than just the woman born to save the Doctor. Season 8 revealed Clara Oswald’s inner addiction to the Doctor and what he represents–danger, change, and adventure. In the final scene with Clara and Danny in “The Caretaker” Clara tells Danny that she travels with the Doctor because she sees wonders. However, if this was the only reason would she be so attached to the man himself? Early on in the series in “Robots of Sherwood” it was established that The Doctor is Clara’s hero. There is a deep connection and bond between these two characters that might not be a healthy one.

Danny Pink noted that Clara could not let go of the Doctor, which he took as a challenge and slightly possessive. The truth is that Clara Oswald is fixated with the Doctor and what he brings to the table, but it isn’t a one way street. The Doctor himself is obsessed with Clara and he cares for her deeply which is an interesting combination. It is hard to say which one came first his obsession or his love.

What is next for Clara and The Doctor?

In all honestly, I have always been afraid of Clara Oswald’s exit. One, because we have already seen her die multiple times which I think eliminates that chances of Steven Moffat killing her again as her final farewell. Also, he separated Rory and Amy from the Doctor by technically killing them–even though he states that they only died because they were trapped in a none changeable time line. I don’t think he will repeat that again.

If Steven Moffat does not kill Clara off, then what could a possible ending for her be? Simple, as a writer the best way to make an exit for a character is either by creating an injustice or tragic final, or by completing their story. It is evident that Clara Oswald’s narrative is not finished. There is still a little more about her character that audience is missing. She could be a Time Lord for all we know (though I highly doubt that).

Possible Endings

There are several theories out there circling among fans and critics about what and who Clara Oswald is. The Master/Mistress went through a whole lot of trouble in keeping Clara and the Doctor together–and I don’t think it was just because Clara was a control freak. If that was the case than she could have picked anyone, right? However, the Mistress makes it obvious that she chose Clara.

This creates the Paradox Theory, which is that Clara Oswald never existed but also always existed. If Clara Oswald does jump into the Doctor’s time line than this means that if Clara never jumped in the time line the Doctor would have died. However, this also means that the only reason the Doctor looks for Clara is because he remembers seeing her, which leads for her to eventually jump into the time stream. For example, if I am walking and I trip and fall and notice that what made me trip was a banana on the side walk I make logical sense that it was the banana’s fault in the way that made me trip (and my stupidity for not noticing the banana!). Now, what if I go on to say that the banana in my time stream made me fall and hit my head allowing me to discover the cure for cancer. What if the banana had been moved? Was it the tripping in that specific time that allowed for my discovery?

If this is the case than Clara Oswald is forever trapped in a never ending time loop, which means that this Clara Oswald, the one currently traveling with the Doctor, could not be the original. There could actually be no original, at least not in this universe which if it was the case would be very confusing.

Finally, the Chain Reaction Theory–which was born after the 2014 Christmas Special aired. This theory presents that Clara Oswald is merely an idea. For all we know, she could simply be a dream made up by the Doctor. However, in this theory it presents that the only reason Missy chose Clara Oswald is because of something she will do later on in the future. It could be that Missy created Clara Oswald–yes I literally mean created. She could have influenced Clara’s life in many ways to form her into what she wanted to. The Chain Reaction Theory states that Clara Oswald is the perfect companion for the Doctor because she has been modeled into being this way. She is a dream, an idea, and she isn’t real in a way. If this were the case than Missy might have made sure that Clara is responsible for something in the future. For all we know this stunt with the Cybermen could have been a test to see if Clara would keep on her course.


In the end all these theories could be wrong. Clara may just be an everyday person who decides that she has had her fill with adventures and wants to retire from saving universes. Whatever ending Clara Oswald has I just hope and pray it is worthy to her character.

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