Shipper Wars: The Flash

With the new photos released for the upcoming second half of The Flash, it appears that the beloved comic book couple will finally be cannon on the show. However, this is an adaptation and anything can happen–Iris West could break up with Barry or the two could not be endgame depending on what the writers and fans want. So, which ship/otp should win the shipper wars? We will let fans decide.


There is no doubt that the chemistry between Iris West and Barry Allen is beyond perfect. These two actors did their homework and understood quickly the hidden attraction of their characters. Barry Allen’s childhood crush, Iris, is the only person he would truly do anything to protect. Even though Barry has loved Iris for most of his life he never told her in fear that he would lose her.

Pros: These two have an amazing dynamic and a long time friendship. Because both Iris and Barry have known each other for so long they trust each other, which creates a healthy and beautiful relationship.

Cons: Iris is going out with Eddie and Barry is keeping his secondary job as The Flash a secret, which might end up harming his chances with Iris.


Dr. Caitlin Snow is not only Barry’s personal doctor, but she is also one of his trusting friends who keeps Barry Allen’s identity as the Flash a secret. Caitlin and Barry have noticeable chemistry which sinks deep into their relationship. Caitlin often moms Barry and keeps him line by providing advice and comfort. She has been one of the pillars of Barry’s transformation into the Flash.

Pros: Caitlin was there from the beginning and helped Barry through his journey. Barry and Caitlin have similar interests which allows for their friendship to be layered and strong. Both actors bounce off each other and help make a rhythm between Barry and Caitlin’s scenes.

Cons: Because Caitlin went through a traumatic experience with her fiance she might not be in the best place for dating. Barry is also in love with Iris at the moment, although never say never.


Barry Allen’s first appearance in Arrow not only made fans eager for The Flash, but it also created the Barricity ship. Both Barry Allen and Felicity Smoak are adorable nerds. Even Iris noted that these two would be perfect for each other. Barry and Felicity have a complex friendship, but understand each other to the point of empathy. Both actors capture a true affection and caring for the other.

Pros: Felicity and Barry are on the same level of smarts. They could probably talk for hours about any subject. These two have gone through a lot over the past year which allows for them to understand each other deeply.

Cons: Felicity Smoak and Barry Allen have an understanding, that even though destiny seems to bring them together they still desire the one person they can’t have.

Iris and Eddie

Finally, Iris West and her detective Eddie. Iris West fell for the handsome blonde cop working alongside her father. Eddie and Iris have a tender and loving relationship. Both actors work well together and create a sweet and beautiful feel to these two character’s love story.

Pros: Eddie and Iris complement each other and understand each other. Eddie tries to he Iris’ hero and will do anything to protect her. He also understands that she can defend herself and is her own master.

Cons: Eddie has been obsessed with hunting down the Flash for sometime. However, both characters are keeping secrets from each other–Iris’ secret meetings with the Flash and Eddie’s new knowledge of super humans.


Fans where excited to see the unveiling of the beloved comic book character Firestorm in the Flash. Caitlin Snow now has a new motivation, to save the man she loves. Ronnie Raymond and Caitlin Snow were engaged but with the explosion Caitlin assumed that Ronnie had died. These two clearly loved each other and in the few scenes on The Flash the actors demonstrate the chemistry and the long established romance between these two.

Pros: These two love birds have great on screen chemistry. The actors capture a relationship based on friendship and trust. Firestorm might have superpowers now and might be confused about what has happened to him, but he clearly wants to protect Caitlin from himself.

Cons: Ronnie is in shock and clearly wants to keep her safe, but him pushing Caitlin away might not be for the best. Also this couple hardly gets that much screen time–which come on they deserve.

So which ship should win the Shipper Wars?


  1. Eddie seems like an undercover creep, Snowbarry isn’t a real ship, and Felicity is on a different show, so it’s Westallen. Duh. That being said, I wouldn’t mind Barricity if for whatever reason Olicity and Westallen didn’t work out. That nerd love is cute, but I still think Westallen is the real deal. They’re just so beautiful together.


  2. Why isn’t Ronnie and Caitlin an option? They are comic canon and engaged on the show. They are a more valid ship than Barricity or Snowbarry


  3. BARRY AND IRIS ALL THE WAY! They look amazing together and it’s adorable to see how into her he is. I can’t remember the last time I shipped a couple as fast as I now do WestAllen!!


  4. Westallen and SnowStorm!
    best ships so far, they are ah-mazing!
    also, I’m a big fan of Killer Vibe (Cisco x Caitlin) as brotp, they have the cutest friendship ❤


  5. WestAllen is THE canon couple because Grant Gustin and Candice Patton are magical together and their chemistry sublime. They embody what it takes to carry the mantle of the epic and iconic love story of Barry and Iris Allen and are hitting it out of the park in every episode.


  6. Westallen of course! They are amazing!!! ❤

    And where is Snowstorm? (Ronnie and Caitlin)

    You cannot forget about the hot, funny Amell that's coming onto the show!



  7. I love Barry and Iris. I do like Eddie and feel bad for him (#1 reason for him to go to the dark side) but come on Barry and Iris are meant to be together! Have you seen the way he looks at her? And she’s in love with him too she just didn’t know it. She’s always calling him amazing and checking on him. If only I could meet a girl like Iris in real life.

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  8. WESTALLEN! They are fantastic. I couldn’t stop squealing when I found out they kissed. I almost had a panic attack. They are SOOOOO PERFECT!


  9. Westallen! They have insane chemistry. Now I need is for Iris to kiss him as The Flash (knowing it’s Barry) and I’ll be in heaven!


  10. Seriously, why is Snowbarry and Barricity even an option? Stop pandering to delusional fans and actually focus on the narrative and things supported by the shows canon. Felicity and Barry will never be a thing. She belongs on another show and with another character. We all know this but for some reason, everybody is participating in this mass delusion that its actually real. Snowbarry will never be a thing because nothing in the show actually supports it and it really has no plot relevance, not to mention sexist because apparently, Barry can’t have female friends and Caitlin exists simply as an option for Barry’s penis. It also disregards Caitlin’s own storyline and narrative.

    What the show does support is Caitlin and Ronnie aka SnowStorm having an epic relationship that we will have the pleasure of experiencing. What the show does support is WestAllen because there is 60+ years of comic history and plot about that pairing. And because the show has done any and everything to tell us that Barry and Iris are totally a thing and will be a major thing.

    The fact that SnowStorm wasn’t put up there drives home the fact that people only seem to care about Barry’s penis and reducing every single female character he has a relationship with to a willing receptor for it. It disregards the fact that the characters all have different desires and that their heart and interesting plot lies elsewhere.

    You know what would be repetitive? Barry and Caitlin forming a workplace romance. Because you know that is exactly what Oliver and Felicity are. There is nothing remotely interesting about the writers repeating themselves again, disregarding 60+ years of comic history and plot to make a few misguided fans happy.

    Barry has been shown to be the kind of guy that respects women and can be friends with them without expecting them to have sex with him. He toyed with the idea of a romance with Felicity but clearly his heart wasn’t in it and neither was hers. Yet, he is still friends with Felicity and that is amazing and cute to watch. He is nice and caring towards Caitlin who acts like his mother and big sister all wrapped up in one. He does all that but isn’t doing it because he thinks she’ll be obligated to have sex with him. He does it because that is the sort of person he is. Its beautiful and very important to see a male hero have a friendship with a woman that isn’t about them having sex very soon. Male heroes are always surrounded by women he wants to screw or plans to screw like its some sort of fantasy to be friends with women. You would think so called “feminists” will jump on this development but instead, they are all pushing the same misogynistic and sexist agenda. And we all know why.

    Barry and Iris are what OTPs are made of. They have an amazing foundation for a healthy and interesting romantic relationship. They know each other well and think the world of each other. When they get together, it won’t be as a consolation prize for the person they really want to be with which is what Snowbarry and Barricity actually are. The interesting part of their story begins after they get together.

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    1. YES! You added Snowstorm! I voted them and Westallen. I just love Firestorm. He’s such an incredible hero in the comics. Robbie Amell is gorgeous! And Barry/Iris just hit me in the feels.


  11. How insulting that Caitlin’s fans look at her and all they see is a potential hook up for Barry. She has so many greater things in store for her character and so many more possibilities. Besides, her and Ronnie are literally “fire and ice”. How is that NOT inherently more interesting than a typical “coworkers falling in love” thing? I don’t want to see that! If it happens, I will most likely quit watching because I know for a fact that the writers can’t be that dumb to think that Barry/Caitlin are a better alternative than Westallen/Snowstorm, and it would just mean that they caved to a small portion of fans that don’t believe that a man and woman can’t ever just be friends. And I’m not watching a show run by writers without the balls to just stick to their story.

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