Shipper Wars: Once Upon a Time

Recently the writers of Once Upon a Time have poured out to fans their plans and spoilers for each of the shows beloved couples. Once Upon a Time is a show which fuels shippers and fans to cheer on their favorite OTPs. But, which couple is the true OTP? It’s hard to say but we will let fans decide.


Let’s start with the founding couple of the show: Snow White and Prince Charming. These two have gone through a lot–from giving their child up to sharing the same heart–however no matter what these two keep on loving each other. The chemistry shared by these two is key to the ships success; the fact that the actors are in fact actually married adds to the depth of their on screen relationship.

Pros: The couple is one of the foundations of the show. Both actors create a believable and unique chemistry.

Cons: Since the couple is already married and we all know they are endgame there isn’t as much cheering or rooting on which can become slightly boring as a shipper.

Captain Swan

Personally, I am not a big fan of Captain Swan simply because I prefer Hook as a villain. As far as the ship goes there is no denying that their dynamic works. Hook is Emma’s rock in many ways–he is teaching her how to trust someone again, and if anyone had Emma’s history of dating I think she has the right to be uneasy. Not only do Hook and Emma look good together but their personalities also click.

Pros: The pair is unique. Who would have guested? The couple also provides a slightly more passionate and desire filled relationship than others.

Cons: Too much is too much… at times the couple just has too much screen time. This is not to say that I do not enjoy Captain Swan scenes, but there are several scenes that as a writer I would have omitted just to keep on with the plot.


Rumbelle made it to the Top 7 Otps of 2014 at number four. The ship does have a complicated history and a relationship that is always being attacked by evil villains and the annoying Charmings. Despite the couple’s rather rough first encounter these two are always willing to protect the other. Rumbelle has chemistry and the two actors bounce off each other perfectly.

The Pros: This ship has fans on the edge at all times. The couple is constantly facing new threats and their relationship is usually always at stake. The ship also promotes hope as Rumple is trying to become a better man for his beloved. Likewise, Rumple always treats Belle as an equal and admires her intelligence and good heart.

Cons: Even though these two can cause an overflow of feels, they do not have as much screen time as the other couples–which is a shame.

Outlaw Queen

Robin Hood and the Evil Queen, another pair that I would have never guested. These two have an interesting story to tell which makes the ship work. The fact that the two are destined to be together but are constantly pulled apart adds to the star-crossed lovers tone to their romance. For Regina having someone like Robin who understands that her past is her past enforces their layered love.

Pros: The two work together. Regina and Robin could both take down any villain who got in their path. Robin doesn’t need another damsel in distress like Marian, instead Regina could probably save Robin more times than him saving her.

Cons: At times the actors fail. Regina is pretty much always on cue but Robin fails to sink in all the emotion and feelings on screen which makes some scenes unbelievable.

Swan Queen

From season one fans began to ship Emma Swan and Regina Mills together. The two do have chemistry and a common motivation–Henry. The two characters have dealt with a lot–Regina losing everything she once cared about and being emotionally abused by her mother. Emma has had to deal with her parents abandoning her and losing ever single love interest she has had so far to death. Emma and Regina both clash but there is no doubt that together they are stronger.

Pros: Regina and Emma compliment each other not only with their magic but with their driving force which is to be the best mother they can be. Their relationship has grown since Season 1 creating complexity and layered dynamics.

Cons: It might never be cannon because of Outlaw Queen.

Which ship should win the Shipper Wars?


  1. Doesn’t an article like this just encourage more shipping wars? And why is Swan Queen on here when it’s not a real ship on the show? It’s absolutely a friendship on the show, but the writers have never tried to put them together. I love SQ, but it’s weird that you have 4 ships that are happening and then only one fan made ship — kinda unfair. If SQ is on here, then stuff like MadQueen or HookedQueen should be on here. I was all about HookedQueen!!!

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    1. I see what you mean. I didn’t know that HookedQueen had that many followers to be honest, which is why it is not on the list. The ships are based on Adam and Eddy–the writers–view on popularity. It’s nothing personal I just based my article on the ships they mentioned. If you like you can make a comment and get people to like it as a way to vote for Hooked Queen. I will count the votes.


  2. A con of Swan Queen is “it might never be cannon because of Outlaw Queen”. This statement is laughable. Outlaw Queen is not stopping SQ from happening. Assuming there is no Robin and Regina, then there is Emma and Hook as an obstacle. But neither ship is stopping SQ from happening. Swan Queen “might never be cannon because” the writers never intended it to be canon regardless of the two other males in Emma and Regina’s life. The writers have made it extremely clear that all Regina and Emma have is a friendship. They said it at comic con one year and have said it numerous other times. I know makes people angry. And I know people wish it wasn’t this way, but it is for now. One possible LGBT couple that is however cannon is Aurora and Mulan. In this case a male, Philip, is standing in the way.


    1. It’s been made very clear already that OUAT isn’t going to be modern. The cast is 99.9% white and everyone is presumed to be straight and they’re using the same plot points over and over (you get abandoned by your parents! you get abandoned by your parents! and you! and you! hey look another curse coming down Main Street! oh look another coming in from the docks! hey look those are the characters that were in that Disney movie 2 years ago! oh hey wasn’t she in that Disney remake last year!). Except for Mulan, who was the double whammy of being a WoC and queer (though most people who are so used thinking everyone is straight still believe that Mulan was going to confess her feelings to Phillip) but mysteriously disappeared. But they’re probably going to pull her back in somehow just so they can say they are “diverse” even though if Mulan does show up, they’re probably write her being angsty and moping and then she’s gonna sleep with a dude. Because that’s how queer ladies are treated on TV, they either die to service a character’s plot or they sleep with a dude and suddenly become straight.

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      1. I have to agree. A&E said that they wanted to make a modern fairytale but they have failed miserably. Like for one, I respectfully disagree with Woodley that Hook and Emma is a unique pairing. They are not unique. He is a bad boy with a good girl. We already have that with Rumbelle. And I’m uncomfortable with the notion that Hook helped Emma to trust her.

        That is all due to her family (Henry and the Charmings and even Regina). Emma has some trust issues, Hook is the last person she should be with. He lies through omission, and if she know half of the stuff he has been involved (like selling Neal to Peter Pan), I think her opinion for her has change. I really think they regress Emma from being a street smart woman to basically naive to even be with Hook. He doesn’t have a good track record with children (selling Bae, almost kidnapping Henry, killing a lost boy). It could have work, the writing just needs to be better on all aspects of every character on the show.


  3. Laughable that you trash Sean’s acting ability when all the pop culture websites that talk about OUAT note the couple with the strongest chemistry is Robin and Regina. Also laughable that you call Rumpbelle an “equal” partnership- Rumple is totally and very destructively dominant in the “relationship” and always has been. Unlike Snowing, Outlaw Queen and Captain Swan which are equal relationships. Oh and your Sean hate is so obvious too when you put only Outlaw Queen “in the way” of the nonexistent and the writers have made clear will never happen ship- Swan Queen. Dude, Captain Swan plays an equal role in that. And Captain Swan is the second most popular ships on OUAT in pop culture polls after the overwhelming front runner- Outlaw Queen. there’s a reason Rumpbelle has the least screen time- it has the least chemistry between the actors on the show. Robert has had more chemistry with Lana, Barbara, Rebecca, and even Jennifer and Ginny than he’s had with Emilie. Emilie has had better chemistry with the actresses she’s been in scenes with than she has with Robert.


    1. Relax no need to start a shipper war. All the relationships on the show are great whether it be Rumbelle, Captain Swan, Swan Queen, or Outlaw Queen

      I will agree that I think the Sean comment was a little unnecessary. I think he does an amazing job as Robin Hood working along side Lana. I will never understand the disdain people have with him. To be honest, I actually would love to see more of him. It’s about time he has a backstory.

      As for Rumbelle, I disagree in that I think they work perfectly together. Belle brings out something in Rumple that no one else has done since Bae. I will admit there were somethings a little bit troubling in the beginning of their relationship with him yelling in her face, yanking her by the arm, and breaking stuff. But these things happened in the Beauty and the Beast story so they get a pass for it from me. But since then he has shown he genuinely loves and cares for Belle. I just wish that Rumple can let go of his obsession with power. I guess he wouldn’t be the Dark One if he didn’t do these things.

      When it comes to Swan Queen, I can see why they put them on here even though it is fanon and not canon. They have a strong following even though it’s not an official couple for the show. I support that decision by the writer to add them on this list. I don’t agree with statement that Outlaw Queen is holding them back as a couple. As others have said OQ or CS don’t have any influence on them not being a pair. It has to do with the writers. Lana and Jen have great chemistry together and it would work if they became a couple, but the writers obviously don’t have any intention to make them a pair. I wouldn’t object to them being a couple but I sincerely doubt it will ever happen.

      If I did have to name my least favorite couple it would probably be Captain Swan for some odd reason. I don’t dislike them together per say, and can see why so many people love them. For some reason I just personally can’t get into their relationship. I have no idea why at all because Colin and Jen look great together. I think maybe it’s because I was convinced Emma would end up with Neal only for them to take another route. Basically I just haven’t adjusted to moving on from Neal and Emma to Hook and Emma. Like I said it doesn’t make them any less of a great relationship, it’s just I haven’t gotten into them as a couple yet. As I said I like all the ships so don’t take it as me hating CS.


      1. People don’t like him because he’s a bad actor and a very rude person on Twitter.

        And I think his statement of OQ being in the SQ is because OQ was established as true love/soulmate (there’s supposed to be difference from the two but it seems the writers gave up on explaining themselves) before they even met face to face. And according to OUAT, you can’t be happy unless you’re with your True Love. It’s a one relationship, one and done, kind of fairytale show. Frankly they screwed up big time with OQ. They should have done it like they did with Snowing where they fell in love then realized they were true love. But what they did with OQ was have Regina hate Robin a lot and didn’t make any moves until after she saw his tattoo. And they screwed up even more by bringing back Marian (way to treat PoC even crappier, OUAT!) and turning Robin into an adulterer (don’t argue that he isn’t, because he broke up with Regina and went back to Marian to honor his vows and then when Marian needed him the most, he gave up on helping her after 2.5 seconds and went to go sleep with Regina, that’s cheating. if he hadn’t initially gone back to Marian and just told her after 4 years he no longer loved his first true love [because that WAS established that Robin/Marian were true loves in 3B] and wanted to be with Regina instead it wouldn’t have been cheating but nope that’s not what happened).

        Oh and BTW, Neal and Emma WERE supposed to be together but because Colin’s attractiveness drew in so many teenage girls (AKA the viewers that make the most noise on the internet) so they decided to kill Neal off and kept Hook (JMo said this herself in interviews and on FB that that’s why Neal died). Hook was supposed to be the temporary character (see S2 DVD commentary for this) but again, because of his attractiveness drawing in vocal viewers, they kept him and turned him into emo stalker. He was infinitely more interesting as a villain in S2 because he’s just been bland and annoying (but still an alcoholic liar) in S3 and S4 when they made his sole purpose being Emma’s love interest.


    2. What “pop culture poll” has Outlaw Queen won without resorting to cheating?

      And do you not know how media works? They hype the newest couple no matter what sort of chemistry they have. This happens on every show.

      BTW, Rumbelle has the least screen time because the writers never expected people to like it so much. Belle was supposed to be a temporary character, they don’t know how to write her nor do they seem to want to. Even Robert doesn’t think that Rumple should be in a relationship (not because of “chemistry” but because of who Rumple is).


      1. That’s not quite what Robert Carlyle said. He said that they are two people in a relationship, not one entity.


    3. What is funny is that Sean himself said that Lana help him with his acting. Lana always have an incredible acting. I’ve watch one movie with Sean and i love it, but not in ouat. Ouat’s writer tend to make his character have complex feeling which Sean is not good to express.


    4. Emilie and Robert have a great chemistry on screen, if you can’t see it that’s your problem 🙂
      Rumbelle is the most popular canon ship, the fact that some stupid teen-websites don’t count them because Robert is “old” (and teenagers don’t like him), doesn’t mean that it isn’t popular.
      Rumbelle wins every OUAT poll. We always end up in the finale of the Zimbio March Madness, a few months ago we were the 4th most popular ship in the world (after Destiel, Johnlock & SwanQueen).
      Everyone knows that SwanQueen and Rumbelle are definitely the most popular ships on the show. It seems that the other fandoms can’t deal with it, which is sad, because I have seen a lot of nasty CS shippers who spend a lot of time hating Rumbelle or SwanQueen.
      By the way, OQ & CS fandoms are louder, sure, but the others are definitely bigger.
      Trust me, I’m in this fandom since the very beginning.
      And trust me, CS & OQ ruined the fandom. Ratings are low, many ad many ppl are leaving OUAT because of the fanservice and poor written storylines.
      Even the actors are unhappy with it.
      OUAT is sinking and that’s sad because it was a GREAT show, before all those ships came into our life.
      Snowing, Rumbelle & SwanQueen are here since the very beginning and there was no ship war back in S1 or S2. Now it’s a mess.
      Sad but true.
      (Sorry for my english, I’m italian :O )

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      1. I am fan of OUAT , I think the chemistry on screen between Robert and Emilie is unique .
        I think Robert is perfect.
        People who say it is “old” to play Rumpelstiltskin and so rumbelle not funciana are very wrong . They are perfect and the best in the series. robert age gives a magical history of belle and Rumpel touch.
        And as for couples history always gives many laps


      2. SWANQUEEN ISNT REAL! It shouldn’t be given the time of day by the showrunners or polls or clothing shops. The cast shouldn’t be constantly bombarded with them not including Swanqueen in stuff. You really believe the SQ fandom is bigger bc it seems to me that they are mostly definitely the ones that are loud and obnoxious. They are the ones that do nothing but bully and create stupid hashtags with ridiculous irrelevant details about ships and characters about how they are ruining the show. If Swanqueen ever becomes cannon then the show really will have resorted to fan service


      3. I’ve only just finished watching season 1 and Lana is an awesome actress, one of the best on the show and she as Regina shares a lot of chemistry with Emma. What I don’t understand is why some people are ranting that it’s not real? Do they have something against smart intelligent badass women having a relationship?

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    5. Just cause they said that it SQ might not happen doesn’t stop us fans. Check out OUAT on fanfiction, most of the top ranking stories are SQ. Btw, SQ doesn’t really have a Con.

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  4. Marian was a damsel in distress? Uhm, as I recall she died standing up for her beliefs, and is a bit of a badass with a bow and arrow. Unless you’re referring to her being sick when pregnant, when TomEllis!Robin endured torture at the hands of Rumple to save her, or when the Snow Queen froze her (for what purpose exactly, hmm? What did Ingrid have against Marian other than freeing Robin up to distract Regina. How convenient.) at which point SeanMaguire!Robin couldn’t be bothered even trying to save her life. Marian, still being a badass, has enough self-respect to refuse to fight over a man once she’s thawed. Damsel in distress? I think not. Meanwhile, Robin can take down any villain in his path? His arrows that can’t miss seemed to miss an awful lot and I’m struggling to remember a single time he defeated anything more dangerous than a flying monkey. Be real Robin would even lose in a battle against Hook, and Hook doesn’t even have magical powers… or a second hand. Bang on with Sean’s acting too, it’s bad at the best of times, but put him against one of the two best on the show and he flops like a fish out of water. A constipated fish. I didn’t think I was going to dislike a ship more than Captain Rape Culture I’ll Wear Her Down Until She Says Yes And She Is A Prize To Be Won Coz Women Are Objects Like Treasure To Be Plundered And Pillaged And Both Those Words Mean To Take By Force Just So You Know but then Outlaw Lets Not Give A Choice Again To The Woman Who Has Already Had One Relationship Which She Had No Choice In Forced Upon Her Already Queen came along.

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    1. Too much truth in this post. Regina and Marian I think are two strong women that shouldn’t be with Robin because it is beneath them at this point.


  5. Totally agree with Sean being a bad actor. Pop magazines that gave them the awards were actually voted by the shippers and the poll was advertised by Lana the only poll she asked people to vote.

    The actual critics awards from tv line picked up rumbelle and Swan Queen. Swan Queen got best female bonding in 2014 by critics awards, we also won best would be couple in 2014.

    Just because two characters are friends doesn’t mean they can’t become lovers especially given how SQ is slowly being developed. I might point people who say ‘but friends’ to Korrasami. Also Castle, the x files etc. They were all friends and later became more.

    It’s 2015 two females can be friends and then become something more.

    It’s absolutely ridiculous to dismiss sq based on the simple assumption that they are friends.

    OP thanks for being inclusive and including SQ in your poll. Lack of current canon status doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Don’t say it’s over until the show it’s over. It’s 2015. We expect more from people and writers and shows. Some deliver. Some don’t. OUAT is not over SQ can still happen.

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    1. Yeah and last year it was 2014 and the year before that it was 2013 and the year after this it will be 2016. The year has absolutely nothing to do with whether SQ should be cannon. Just because peoples morals drop doesn’t make being a homosexual right. The general public doesn’t want to see Regina and Emma slobbering all over each other because its disgusting. Children should definitely not be exposed to it


      1. Look just because society morals dropped doesn’t mean I should see adultery presented as romantic. How is that for a change?

        If we use the same moral standard, aka homosexuality is a sin, then I guess you should also make the comment on adultery. Just because cheating is acceptable, doesn’t mean it’s ok and romantic, and my children should not be desensitized to things such as cheating. Cheating is the worst thing you can do when you are married, especially if your spouse is sick. I don’t want my children to see that behavior as OK or romantic. I don’t want my children to think a man like Robin is a great role model or romantic. He’s not. He’s disgusting and the worst in every way. What good man cheats on his wife when his wife is on a death bed? Ugh. Spare me please

        Children should also not be exposed to men that beat women, that leave them to die, demands kisses for a good deed or relationships that show girls that they can be bought. I don’t care how backwards or forward we are a woman’s affection cannot be bought. OUAT shows me that you can buy her affection and love if you give her enough gifts. It should never be like that.

        CS/OQ present a much more dangerous message than SQ does. And since when is it wrong to want the parents of a child to be together and form a stable environment for their child rather than have him separated and with additional parental figures that don’t even care about him?

        If OQ/CS is your definition of healthy I’m concerned for your children

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      2. Oh, a fornicating pirate slobbering over Emma which he has tried to kill before is even better? Or a man that recognize that he is still married after his wife came back, dump the his girlfriend, wife freezes, and he decides to sleep with side chick which makes it adultery? Is that not disturbing. Hypocrite.


  6. Thank you so much for including Swan Queen!!! That’s something I love to see! We’ve worked so hard for inclusion, it’s really very appreciated.

    But I don’t the think the “shipping wars” title was the best idea. People get into that way too much already and things get nasty. I already see comments they SQ shouldn’t be here. I won’t even look at the rest, but I hope it doesn’t end up full blown.

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  7. I’ve never been a big shipper, I’ve always just watched the show and either liked what was being shown or didn’t (I never actively rooted for relationships before), but SwanQueen has stolen my heart! I fell in love with the story they could be telling and the more time I spend thinking about this relationship the more things I find to love about it, it truly is the most subversive story I’ve ever seen on tv.

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  8. I’m not an SQ fan by any means, but I’m very glad that you included them. They are definitely one of the most popular ships in the fandom and I’m happy to see polls including popular fanon ships instead of just canon ships. Thanks for being inclusive of the creativity of the OUAT fandom rather than being narrow-minded and only including canon ships!

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  9. I love what you wrote about Swan Queen. They do have complexity and layered dynamics, and a very interesting connection with Henry, especially now that Emma has memories of raising him as well. Plus their bond with magic that is powerful enough to move heaven and earth (or cause an eclipse at least) and that’s just while Emma is relatively untrained. They have a lot in common, and they’ve never been ruled out completely as a possibility for the future, so I’m thrilled you included them here. Thank you.

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  10. Please send me the link to a ‘notable’ pop culture site which says-
    ‘pop culture
    websites that talk about OUAT note the couple with the strongest
    chemistry is Robin and Regina’
    Just for info,MOST of the critics have claimed opposite of your statement actually, colin soon was made a regular because of his popularity , sean still isn’t, zimbio talks about cs chemistry, sq chemistry/magic but oq is lumped in the pixie dust category,, tvline, etc – nowhere have I seen this praises for outlaw’s BS chemistry.
    Sean maybe a fine actor but he does end up looking like a amateur in front of lana. Kudos to the writer for pointing that out .
    P. S – I’m not a shipper of anything , just thought I’ll lay out the pov from an unbiased casual viewer’s perspective.

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  11. Thank you Woody! I dislike the shipper wars, but I really appreciate your article: it’s one of the most objective and truthful which I have read in recent times. Ah, my OTP is Rumbelle, precisely for the reasons that you have so well told…

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  12. why say that about Robin’s acting??? I disagree, I think Sean is great!!! There were moments when the ship (that I love the most) gave me the most feels that was because of Robin, the way he look at her, that he shows his love, his pain and conflict during this Marian storyline ‘fiasco’ …
    Regina is always perfect, as usual, my Queen. Those two together are the best.


    1. He looks at her and everyone and everything as if he is smelling something foul and he has that one facial expression in 90% of his scenes. I wouldn’t call what he is doing acting because it is an offence to anyone who can actually act on that show aka practically everyone else…

      Even Lana can’t save that ship and if she can’t than nothing can.

      There is no reason to root for them except for a quick end and soon before the ratings tank even more.


      1. Your comment made me laugh , it’s apt though isn’t it- the description of him.
        He truly does seem to have 2.5 facial expression only.

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  13. Thank you so much for including Swan Queen! Emma and Regina are awesome badass ladies!! It doesn’t matter if they’re kicking asses, bickering with each other or co-parenting their son Henry… they are always so great together!!!! The chemistry between these two is just amazing!!!

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  14. Thank you for acknowledging Swan Queen’s popularity and taking the time to include our ship in your poll. I know you’ll probably receive some negative comments about choosing to do so because they’re not a canon ship, but the on-screen chemistry between JMo and Lana is not easily ignored. Emma’s and Regina’s relationship has definitely been developing since the beginning of the series, whether some viewers are willing to acknowledge it or not.

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  15. Thank you for including Swan Queen in this, despite the obvious shit you’re putting up with as a result. I’m not sure how involved in the fandom or what you ship, but…this is pretty typical of the anti-sq-ers…so, just…thanks for thinking we’re worth it. 🙂

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  16. It is ridiculous though the flak you get for being inclusive, but don’t you worry, the SwanQueen fandom is thankful for including our ship, and giving us one more poll add to our long list of won polls.

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  17. But i don’t understand that snowing or rumbelle has more votes than captainswan. My otp is Cs and it always be. I like so much their story, about their broken hearts, they look amazing together. I have to say that swanfire.. i didn’t saw love in this couple, they bored me so hard. Well oq, basically i don’t like it, i’m sorry but is my opinion. Okay they are cute together, but no more. I don’t know why people start to hate cs, and i don’t know why people hate killian, he is my favourite character, and no, i don’t love it because he is beautiful, i love it because how he is and who he become. And i don’t know the other people but he is a perfect character who loves emma with his all heart. I only want to see more of emma character realising that she loves him and tell him that


  18. Thank you for a great article! Agree completely with you on Sean Maguire and him failing hard opposite Lana Parrilla. Through all the seasons and the plotholes and retroactive writing and repetetiveness of the storylines there’s been one OUAT constant that’s been unfailingly awesome and that’s been their casting choices. UNTIL Sean Maguire.

    Love Snowing, RumBelle and SwanQueen!

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  19. Do i take this article seriously lol.
    Who cares

    I like Emma and Hook. And Snow and Charming!

    I like the stories the show is telling us with the MAIN FOUR CANON COUPLES!

    COUPLES – thats the word i like not SHIP!


  20. I love snowing and don’t really hate any pairing, but I will agree with the writer and other commenters about sean’s acting. it’s because of him oq is painful to watch , infact tbh I’ve stopped watching live and I just fast forward oq scenes on dvr , pity really that regina had most of the screen time with him, Lana is my favourite ouat actress and Regina my favourite character but because of oq I really skipped almost all of her scenes this season.

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  21. Both OQ and CS could have been great but not the way they were set up and developed and now it’s far to late — short of a complete reboot — to turn those relationships around and into anything even remotely healthy.

    The best thing the creators of the show can do is to dump both, the sooner the better, and actually start writing something that’s more natural and closer to slow burn and is not just lets throw two attractive people together and use the PR on every turn to chant ‘this is what you have to ship’, ‘this is what’s going to happen’ and then forget that their viewers need more reasons to root for a relationship.

    It all falls flat when you start with ‘they are soulmates’ or when a guy leaves the girl to die on three different occasions (in Rumple’s cell, pretending to be unconscious when Cora is trying to take her heart, stealing the bean) and then a week later he forgets his 300 years of revenge plan and is suddenly all about her even though it looks more like he is all about getting into her pants. YES, even when he gives up a stupid inanimate object for her, no matter how important it was for him.

    At this point, developing the tentative friendship between Emma and Regina into a romance would be far more natural than anything else they could do. Their chemistry comes from their shared past and not just from the fact that both actresses are ridiculously attractive.

    They are infinitely entertaining and more importantly EQUALS.

    Not to mention Snow giving back the happy ending she had taken from Regina this way would make everything fall into place.

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  22. I would perfer SQ as I think that ship is the best. But I also ship CS and OQ. So I’m good. I think ship wars are stupid like it’s just a show, it’s not that deep to be having Twitter wars, also if there is no possibility of SQ the writers should give no hope to it. So even though I love SwanQueen if there is absolutely no possibly for this ship it shouldn’t be in the poll, there’s no point.


  23. I see the usual Swan Queen haters are here. They can’t just talk about their ship they have to have an excuse to bash Sean. And let’s fucking get something straight; Sean defends himself when he is being insulted and slandered; if you have a problem w/him defending himself then you are pathetic. Also remember he apologized for being upset, (another SQ hating on him moment), and SQ were so fake, “thank you Sean, we’re glad that you get it, it’s just our opinion”, then the SAME DAMN PEOPLE went on to bash him to each other. They bait him, say crap, and when he defends himself they take screenshots to whine to Adam, “poor us, look Sean is being mean to us”. I could NEVER ship Swan Queen not because of Emma/Regina, it’s the annoying, rude, hateful, whining SQ fandom. Actors cannot tag Outlaw Queen or Captain Swan without these haters showing up and talking smack. It isn’t enough that Adam said E/R were not created to be romantic couple, and won’t be; they have this in their head that they ARE, regardless of what the Creators have said and continue to brow beat the writers, and other ships until OUAT is no longer on air. Lana/Jen tweeted those SQ sweaters and CS/OQ let them have their moment; they did not return the favor anytime CS/OQ mentioned. And please don’t talk abt poll cheating; cuz I have screenshots of SQ doing just that! “Delete your cookies, go again” ‘power hours” getting Rumbelle to help. Believe me OQ hasn’t had another ship help us ever; and we never hunted down SQ polls to vote against them; but SQ always votes against OQ and tweets for others to do the same. Every poll this has been done; so I’ll be returning the favor in the future.


    1. I just have a few comments to make on this post. First I respect your right to ship what you want, I assume it’s OQ because you mention it most, so this has nothing to do with my preferred ship. Now onto the rest of my thoughts. If you read all of the comments regarding SQ most are overwhelmingly positive and thanking the creator of this poll for being inclusive, so lumping all of SQ on the minority of the lot is wrong. Every time there is a group of people, not just in ships/fandoms but in LIFE, there will be a few that say hurtful things and judging a group on an individual is not okay and I hope this isn’t a trait that you employ while not online as well.

      Then to say that the only reason you couldn’t support SQ is because of people and not what would be on the show is wrong too. I don’t ship CS or OQ but that’s based on the writing and framing of their STORYLINES; I waited to see how they would handle these storylines and my feelings in regards to these ships unfolded with the stories they told. I have never judged a ship or show on the fans of that show. If you took the time to get to know people in the SQ fandom you would find that the majority are extremely respectful, open-minded, lovely people. I have talked to people from all the different fandoms; Rumbelle, CS, OQ, SwanFire, Snowing and all of these fandoms have extremely wonderful people that I am honored to know.

      To say that CS/OQ lets SQ have their moments when we get them is either you flat out lying or making assumptions when you are clearly vastly overestimating your knowledge of the fandoms. When SQ won the AfterEllen poll (which I have screenshots of CS, OQ wasn’t around yet, campaigning to vote against us just so you know) people sent rude messages to Lana for agreeing to do the interview and sent messages to Jen congratulating her on not giving into queers and supporting such a gross ship. Whether we are currently canon or not, and if we never become canon, we DO NOT deserve to be treated in such a way. Neither to the actors. When episode 4×05 was promoted as a SwanQueen episode (the only one we got this season by the way) and instead of letting us enjoy it CS/OQ immediately began hating on the episode; saying they weren’t going to watch and sending rude messages to the writers.

      As for cheating in polls I have plenty of screencaps for OQ talking about voting all night and asking others to help because they were still losing. I have screencaps of an OQer teaching others how to cheat in polls. The latest poll where OQ came in second, I have no clue what it was called because despite what you think I never went to the page and voted against you (I had no clue there even was a poll with OQ until all of the drama started afterwards), I believe your ship was up against a Vampire Diaries ship and other very popular ones. The VD fandom is MUCH larger than OUAT so it makes sense that you would get outvoted no matter what, even with some OQers cheating. Besides at the time of that poll SQ was in a different poll, favorite would-be couple of 2014, and we were busy getting word out to all of SWEN to go vote for our ladies so we really didn’t much thought to spare to what you guys were doing. Plus if those few people that do those things make SQ so unshippable, you should consider that you blatantly stated that you will “be returning the favor in the future” and have now made yourself just as bad as the “haters” you seem to so despise.

      So in conclusion you have stated that you cannot support a ship, not based on writing, but on whether anyone in that ship sends out hateful messages, cheats in polls, votes against someone else, or butts in and tries to ruin another fandoms moment. If that’s truly your reasoning then I’m afraid my dear Joyce that you can never support any ship.

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  24. I’m sorry but did you just referred to me as a hater simply for having an opinion about sean’s acting. Not only that but you lumped ‘everyone’ who shared similar views on sean , including me ,in the same ‘SQ hater’ category;even when I clearly admitted to just expressing my pov from a ‘casual viewers’ ‘ perspective.
    Wow. Thanks.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. You must have missed the memo, zahc. Everyone who dislikes Hook, Captain Swan, Hood, Outlaw Queen or any combination of the above, or has a problem with Colin or Sean, automatically receives a welcome pack into the “SQ hater club” complete with “lesser human” t-shirt to be worn at all times, a silicone rainbow wristband (because all haters are SQers and all SQers are gay), and a 1000-page diary so that we can write our opinions down in private because they’re wrong and shouldn’t shared with the world.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. For one your comment is ignorate, not all SQ fans are gay (I ship SQ and I’m not gay) I think it’s funny how you can be like people SQ ship are negative, haters etc but the people who say this this usually contradict themselves as they are always insulting this ship or coming this some sort of negativity . Like I don’t even understand why there are even ship wars or negativity etc. it’s just a show! Like who cares who you ship…

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      2. Uhh guys, my comment is total sarcasm, I’m pulling the piss out of the people who lump everyone who criticizes Hook, Hood, the two ships or the two male actors as SQ, assumes all SQ are gay and dismiss everything we say…

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    2. Typically OQers Sean’s acting ability, it doesn’t mind they necessarily ship SQ. Maybe there are just intelligent people that give intelligent reasons why OQ has been poorly developed and Sean is just not that strong of an actor. I believe someone said that Sean himself said that Lana helped him. People want to reduce it to shipping when there are plenty of CSers/Rumbelle’s and people who don’t ship anything that has issues with that forced relationship.

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  25. I am a big Swan Queen shipper and I am not gay and I know many shippers who aren’t and that doesn’t matter to me . Swens are awesome ! I don’t say anything against the other ships. Swan Queen will be deep in my heart forever. They remind me that love is beautiful in all kinds

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  26. Thanks for including SwanQueen! I love Rumbelle and Snowing has been a favorite since the pilot, but there is a compelling story to be told in the developing relationship between Emma and Regina. I also love the family dynamic we’re starting to see between Regina, Emma, and Henry — especially now they’re all on board with Operation Mongoose! And as others have mentioned, Lana and JMo have great chemistry and are simply fantastic in their scenes together. It makes for terrifically enjoyable television. 🙂

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  27. I be leave that Captain Swan is the best ship there is. Rumbelle is the worst one because 1 Rumple is like 100 years old and Belle is like 25 and 2 Rumple has done SO many thing to hurt Belle, he wanted to become the dark one AGAIN. Snowing shouldn’t even be there, that was the past people. Outlaw Queen that would come in 2nd place. I have about 20 of my friends that would agree with me. Captain Swan is the best ship there is. If you disagree, THEN WERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE 5TH SEASON?


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