Was it worth it?

It’s been about a week since the Doctor Who 2014 Christmas Special aired. After refreshing my mind and rewatching the episode I was able to fully review it. “Last Christmas” finished Doctor Who Series 8 and kicked off Series 9 with mystery and anticipation. However, was the Christmas Special actually worth it? Was it all we hoped for?

I have been referred to as a picky and cruel critic many times–mainly because it is true. Being heartless is one of the requirements for reviewing television, but when a critic finds gold he or she knows its worthy of praise. With that said let me dive into “Last Christmas”!


I have to admit that the idea of bringing in Santa Claus/Father Christmas was a brilliant idea. Ever since the Eleventh Doctor mentioned that he knew Father Christmas I had been waiting for another reference to appear on Doctor Who.

As soon as the episode started my expectations were about average–I have only enjoyed one Doctor Who Christmas Special which is “A Christmas Carol”. But I have to say that I did like Santa Claus’ big entrance on Clara’s roof. The elves provided a good mixture of comedic effect and Jenna Coleman’s expression added to the tension in the air. I was expecting Santa Claus to be a Time Lord, not going to lie, or at least an alien threat by the way Peter Capaldi entered the scene.

Even though I do not like Capaldi as a Doctor I have to appreciate his acting in this episode. His character was constant and he made the Doctor’s action seem realistic. The story was complex and allowed for characters to deal with each other–especially Clara and the Doctor who had a lot to catch up on. Now, for the big downer–the whole inception rip off. Sorry, but this was just sad! Steven Moffat really?

Moving on, I did enjoy the guest stars in the episode. The only criticism I have on their characters was that I don’t remember their names–and that isn’t a good sign. At times I felt that the extras were more important than the main cast, but over all the use of the random civilians added to the mystery of the plot.

Finally, I’m going to get nit picky. Sure the story was interesting, Santa Claus being in the episode was cool, but in the end it is about the main characters. Jenna Coleman did a good job, apart from the scream she gave as the Dream Crab fell onto her face. I mean, didn’t she just face an army of Cybermen? Secondly, I hated Danny Pink’s cameo. I have never been a fan of the whole Danny and Clara pairing from the beginning because I did not feel it was written well. But the line that made me almost turn off the TV was when Danny says, “I died saving Clara everyone else just got lucky.” Umm… okay? So, does this mean Clara is selfish and believes that Danny only cared about her?

The line above felt more suited for the Doctor not for Danny who the writers were trying to make as the perfect match for Clara. Anyways, in the perspective of character development I felt that Capaldi’s doctor was better defined in this episode. I loved when he states that he deleted the crew from his memory, which shows how he views others. I also enjoyed his ranting about not holding hands, apart from Clara’s.


In the end the episode was not super amazing or super crappy. In my opinion Doctor Who needs to step it up, and I mean really step up their game. Ratings are dropping and Moffat as head writer needs to dig into the well and find something new. I am sad to say that I am not really looking forward to Series 9. I have been a long time Doctor Who fan and I am really hoping that Doctor Who brings up their game this year.

I rate this episode a 6.9 out of 10

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