Top 7 Ships/Otps of 2014

With 2014 now over it is time to remember some of the best television moments. 2014 not only brought great films, TV episodes, but it was also filled with feels! Yes, last year was filled with heart break, passion, and hope for shippers. Tumblr has recieved a bombardment of fans arguing, supporting, and simply promoting pairings. From Whouffle/ Whouffaldi, Captain Swan, and Korrasami this year has been the year of OTPs. For this list we will count down the Top 7 opts/ships of 2014 (however limiting only to TV shows).

The following Otps will be judged by popularity and by their dynamics.

7. Fluttershy and Discord (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

Yes, I know how the hell does Fluttercord make it to number seven? This ship is extremely popular and trends like no other. However, I find that the My Little Pony characters do not have the same complexity to have a higher ranking on this list. Even though Fluttershy and Discord do have a dynamic I find it more on a friendship level than an OTP.

6. Korrasami (The Legend of Korra)

I have mixed feelings on Korrasami but I have to give it credit. Korra and Asami are two characters that bring the best out of each other. The reason Korraasami isn’t farther down the list is simply because it is not the most “beloved” ship. However, Korrasami is a great example of the power of the fandom (see my article on “The Power of the Fandom”). Fans made Korrasami happen and this deserves a spot on our Top 7 Otps.

5. Sherlock and Molly (Sherlock)

Sherlolly which is the pairing between Sherlock Holmes and Molly. This ship has gone through a lot–Sherlock faking his death, and well Sherlock being Sherlock. Sherlolly has become one of 2014’s most popular and beloved ships. The truth is that these two bounce off each other in a perfect way. Sherlock’s personality and even morality shines through thanks to Molly. Why isn’t lower on the list? Sherlolly is not as popular as one might think, not that many people watch Sherlock which brings it up higher on our list of top 7.

4. Rumbelle (Once Upon a Time)

Even though Once Upon a Time is not the most popular TV show in the world, I do give its pairings credit for being complex and layered. I find Rumbelle–the pairing between Rumpelstiltskin and Belle–to be especially intriguing. Each season seems to add more and more depth to their love, but also brings constant obstacles which the two have to face. For me this ship has the elements of an OTP by fulfilling a need for the fans to cheer on these lovers. Besides, who doesn’t love The Beauty and the Beast?

3. Oliver and Felicity (Arrow)

Arrow deserves a high five for its third season! Besides stepping it up Arrow has made some big changes including making Olicity (Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoake) cannon. Olicity deserves to be number three on our list. For one in the comics Oliver and Felicity are not involved romantically. The writers took a risk by making this change to the original story, but it was for the better and it made fans scream. Oliver’s hard and stoic personality foils to Felicity’s quirky and positive characteristics.

2. Daryl and Beth (The Walking Dead)

Bethyl would have made number one in a heart beat, but the fact that it was short lived prevented it from reaching the top spot. When it came to popularity Bethyl scored as one of the highest. Daryl and Beth were two opposites who completed each other. However, the pairing manifested love in a less passionate but more trusting way. I enjoyed less desire and more bonding and friendship the two shared. Daryl, a man I would never trust, was Beth’s hero and she was willing to stand up to him whenever he went out of line. It was a shame that the writers killed Beth.

Honorable Mentions!

Damon and Elena (The Vampire Diaries)
Ezra and Aria (Pretty Little Liars)
April and Andy (Parks and Recreation)

1. Booth and Brennan (Bones)

After much consideration number one goes to Bones’ beloved characters Booth and Brennan. The show has been running since 2005 and has had a decade to build their romance and dynamic. Brennan and Booth are both independent characters who do not need each other to stand alone, but together create a fun pair to watch. Both characters have developed and transformed on screen making this ship gold.

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