Doctor Who Series 8

Doctor Who finished strongly with Episode 12 “Death in Heaven”. Series 8 was by far one of the most difficult seasons to produce for Steven Moffat since Series 5 when Matt Smith took over as the Doctor from the beloved David Tennant. However, was Season 8 of Doctor Who really worth it?


The show has been known for its change and evolutionary characteristics. But, there are a few things I would like to address concerning Series 8. For one, I would rate the overall series with a B-. Peter Capaldi took on the roll with a challenge being right after Matt Smith–the Doctor that won the hearts of the current Doctor Who fandom.

Yet, Peter Capaldi did not wow me through out the 12 episodes he was in. There was no moment where I praised his acting or simply thought of him as the Doctor. To me, Peter Capaldi was simply Peter Capaldi as the Doctor instead of the other way around. This might be for the very reason that Capaldi already has an iconic/popular role since he is branded for his performance as Melcom Tucker.

Secondly, the story line wasn’t that great. Yes Steven Moffat brought back the Master, but the Master’s reasons for doing all he did were so cliche. “We are not so different”–really Master that is it? Though I do have to give the show praise for turning the Master into a women I did not like the actor’s portrayal of Missy. I found Missy annoying throughout the second half of Episode 12. I felt as if she was trying too hard to me crazy, which came to me across as dull and over exaggerated.

For me, the story arc for Series 8 is very loosely tied. I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan, but I am also a TV show lover and Doctor Who let me down this season. If the arc did center around the return of the Master than was Danny in her plan too? How much control did the Master have? How did he survive? What incarnation of the Master is this? And, if love is what stopped Danny from killing Clara then certainty there should have been over 50% of cybermen who were like him. I mean–is Danny’s love the only true love?

Overall, I hope Peter Capaldi gets a better story line for his next season. I also think it is time for Steven Moffat to step down from his role as Head Writer.

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